Bundle is a virtual design center geared at providing accessible interior design, furniture and home-goods. 


We’ve teamed up with emerging designers and artists to provide you with unique interiors and accessories with the option to pay overtime.

Building your Bundle is simple. We have a selection of Bundles at different price points, styles, and room sizes.


How It Works


Our monthly subscriptions cover interior design, furniture, accessories, delivery, and installation. We’ll also take care of one Bundle move. If your tastes or spaces change, we can update your Bundles to change with you. 

We also offer custom Bundles. We’ll work directly with you, your style and your space. After you’ve uploaded your floor plan and answered a few questions, we’ll provide you with different Bundle options and payment plans. 


Build the Bundle that fits your style and needs.

Pay the first month of your Bundle subscription (starting as low as $100).


Sit back, relax, and let Bundle handle all your moving needs.



In addition to our standard set of Bundles, we’ve partnered with up and coming interior and furniture designers for our “Bundle By” series. Our network of designers create unique and affordable designs that are delivered right to your door.




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  • The Bundle team is an absolute pleasure to work with. I got a new job in a new city and wanted be settled in quickly. They helped design, furnish and set up my apartment. It could not have been any easier.
    — Camille, North Carolina
  • I had spent a lot of money on broker and move in fees. I didn’t have much left to finish furnishing my apartment. Bundle was a life saver. I'm able to pay over time on beautifully designed furniture and accessories.
    — Laura, Brooklyn
  • The Bundle team presented me with options at varying price points that fit my space and needs perfectly and I had the option to keep or return the furniture. Why wasn’t I doing this earlier?!
    — Philip, San Francisco
  • I love that Bundle sources from independent designers as well larger furniture stores. I’m loving my new space - and the price!
    — Katy, Washington DC